A little perspective

I Skyped with a man who works in campus ministry in Romania today. His name is Dragos and he is the General Secretary for OSCER, the Romanian sister movement to InterVarsity USA.

We're different in so many ways: he likes to climb mountains and I like to read books. 

But we have two things in common this semester.

We're both working hard to help our teams figure out how to help students become disciple-makers, pushing the work of making disciples beyond the realm of professional ministers. I'm reading books and training our team in replicable models. He's hosting a conference to equip students directly. It's encouraging to see that you aren't the only one working on a problem and that you aren't the only one who sees opportunity.

The other thing that we have in common is that our ministries are pressed financially. We both have generous ministry partners and are grateful for the resources we do have. But we both see the missed opportunities passing us by. And we both see the sacrifices our teams make to minister to students.

Global partnership ... heck ... global friendship helps put things in perspective. I'm not alone in this. My challenges aren't the worst ones out there. I'm not the only one who's refusing to give up. And the same God who's at work there is at work here.

What do you do to gain a little perspective?

Would you pray for Dragos and the ministry to students in Romania? They have a conference called Formacion that starts in a few hours. Students from across the country are coming to be trained to be disciple-makers. They will return to their cities and start discipleship groups next week.

Dragos asked if I would pray for two things:
- That disciple-making would become a way of life for these students
- That the finances for the conference would work out

Would you pray?

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