Adapting to changes on campus

Our college campuses can change rapidly.

One of our community colleges jumped saw enrollment jump from around 17,000 to 34,000 in one semester. Another campus has it's only social space under construction for the next year, dramatically challenging our efforts to gather students. Every year, colleges shift and change.

What do you do when your campus changes?

You can fight the change or complain about it. This is what a lot of us do when we encounter change. You can continue doing what you've done before, fighting change by ignoring it.

You can also adapt to the new environment. A campus that's larger or less welcoming or more diverse can present you with an opportunity. And this is true in all of life. Change presents opportunity ... not just threat.

How are you responding to the changes you see?

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  1. I am all in favor of adaptation rather than reaction. Good post