Book Review: Real Life by James Choung

Real Life is one of the most practical books on disciple-making out there. Jesus calls us to "make disciples of all nations." But many of us don't know how to even get started. James has written a book that will help.

James offers a disciple-making continuum, marking stages that people often go through as they become and grow as followers of Jesus. In each stage, James talks about an area of focus that will help a person in that stage grow as a follower of Jesus.

Here are the stages and their areas of focus:

1) Skeptic --- Trust
2) Seeker --- Challenge
3) Follower --- Recognize
4) Leader --- Empower
5) World changer --- Envision

Real Life also has a brief overview of the Hear-Respond-Debrief Cycle and an insightful comment on four-generational disciple-making.

The book is written in narrative format (like a Patrick Lencioni book) and is very endearing. I particularly enjoyed how James has the super-Californian habit of describing the routes the characters took to get places ("The lunch commute from Rancho Bernado to La Jolla was surprisingly clear ..).

Here are a few excellent quotes from the book:

"Millenials can heed moral exemplars, and respond to principled leaders, far better than most of today's adults could when young. That's the opportunity side. Yet these new youths might decisively oppose nominal leaders who fail to provide real direction, and they might be inclined to support misguided leaders if better alternatives aren't available. That's the danger side" (p. 49).

"Actions are not self-interpretive" (p. 81).

"Discipleship and disciple-making go hand in hand" (p. 208).

I'd highly recommend you check Real Life out.

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