Books You'll Never Read

What do you do with the books you'll never read?

What do you do with books you'll never read?

I've got a pile of them in my hallway. Four piles, actually. From one bookcase. I took 75 books off of a bookcase and it still looks full. 75 books. And I need to do something with them.

What do you do with books you'll never read?

Sell them.
Donate them.
Give them to friends.

Or ...

Keep them.
Keep them so that you'll look smart.
Keep them as if you'll eventually get to them.
Keep them because you spent money on them.

We all have books we'll never read, clothes we'll never wear, trinkets that fill up the empty space in our homes and lives. Look around. Dig around. And you'll find you have "books" hiding somewhere, desperately attempting to avoid your efforts clean and focus your space. And if our homes and desks and closets and bookshelves are cluttered, our hearts and minds and souls might likewise be at risk.

What do you do with "books" you'll never read?

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