Caught in the rain

I learned something about myself when I got caught in the rain this morning.

I was 5 minutes from my house, walking in the big loop I take through the duplexes and apartments that ring a big retention pond/lake in East Davie. There are lots of stray cats and fierce lizards but very little shelter from the rain. And today, it rained.

Being 5 minutes from my house when the rain started, I contemplated turning around. It would take me 40 minutes to go all around the loop. My running shoes made sucking sounds as the sidewalks filled with water. I should have turned around.

But I have a hard time turning around.

I'm fine changing course, as long as I'm going forward. But going back is hard for me. I have this massive internal pressure to finish things, to make it work, to press on.

It shows up in quirky and compulsive ways in my media consumption. I watch all of the shows I record and listen to all of the podcasts I download. I finish the books I start. I listen to entire albums.

This finisher tendency shows up in my ministry as well. I'm persistent. I press into places that are difficult to press into. I don't give up on people easily.

But the work of ministry is never finished. And there are times to strategically retreat. I need to learn to live with unfinished work and to identify when to retreat.

This isn't the first time I've been caught in the rain. But this is the first time I paid attention.

Did anything in your life today catch your attention?

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