Faithfulness and Fruitfulness

We want to be fruitful in life and ministry.

To be fruitful looks like having more, being more, doing more. More, more, more.

And "more" is healthy. God wants you to become more: more loving, more holy, more like him. God is always working transformation into your life. As Max Lucado said: "God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way." God wants your life to bear fruit.

But there's an unhealthy path toward fruitfulness.

This is the path full of shortcuts. People on this path jump from thing to thing, program to program, fad to fad in search of fruitfulness. They never dig their heels in, take their licks, suffer boredom. They feed their dreams of transformation the bones of their impatience. And the fruit they bear is small and stunted.

But there's something to be said for the fruit of faithfulness.

Think about that friend you've known for a decade. What you have with them takes ten years to develop. The stories you share are only interesting because they are covered in the dust of time and seen through the warped lens of memory. These friendships carry the stamp of irreplaceability ... who has another decade to develop a new friendship? We carry them around and feel rich.

Faithfulness shows like this. When you stick with something for a while, a long while, you can bear a very particular kind of fruit. Other people bail to the left and right, but you stay the course. And because of that, because of that time and commitment, you're in a unique place.

Be faithful.
Be fruitful.