Two images as regards to leadership

I've been thinking and learning a lot about leadership lately.

These two images came to mind tonight.

I made Lemonade Can Chicken on the grill tonight. Rubbed and smoked. The recipe looked amazing. I decided to make two of them, since we were expecting a crowd tonight.

Getting the chicken off of the grill is kind of a trick. A 300 degree grill is no joke. The chickens get hot. The cans inside the chickens get even hotter. That hot liquid is a mess to clean up and painful when it spills on your feet. Don't ask me how I know.

I knew I couldn't get the chickens off of the grill by myself. When the time came to bring them inside, I called for back-up. Leah stepped outside with me. I knew what I was doing. And we swiftly and safely plucked the chickens from the hot grill.

Knowing when to ask for help.

The second image comes from what happened when we got the chickens to the kitchen. I started cutting them apart, but struggled. This was going to take a while. Leah and Matt stood at my elbow, coaching me to be more vicious with the knife. We were going to eat these chickens. There's no need to be gentle with them.

Matt started to pitch in. We all quickly realized that he knew a lot more than I did about breaking down a whole chicken. I was the host, the chef ... sure. But he knew what he was doing. So I stepped aside and let him do his thing.

Knowing when to step aside.

These two knowings - when to ask for help and when to step aside - often threaten to derail my work as a leader. Whatever a leader is though, a leader is not someone who never needs help and always has to be in charge.

I was reminded of that tonight. My leadership (and my chicken dinner) are better for it.

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