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I just finished reading Proverbs.

Every year or so I'll circle back and read the book through in a month. At a chapter every day, it's easy to remember where you're supposed to read.

On this reading, I incorporated social media into my experience. I read each chapter slowly, asking the Lord to help me lock in on something and then posted a key verse or thought on Twitter. I used the hashtag: #lectiotweeto. I found it helpful.

[For more on social media and spiritual life, check out this post from Eric Robinson: How Social Media Can Enhance Your Time With God]

Proverbs is kind of like God's Twitter feed. Short, pithy statements shared with the world.

The God of the Bible rarely speaks in 140 character bursts (and he never uses hashtags ... that's for you,  ... you know who you are). He prefers conversations and images, questions and incarnation. His means of communication stands in stark contrast to our fast-paced social media landscape. He has more to offer us than tweets.

But I wonder if a book like Proverbs isn't the perfect place for people like us to start. A chapter a day. Scanning ... the way you skip down a Twitter feed. You may not understand everything you see. Some of it may not interest you. But when something catches your attention, you can re-read it more carefully and dig around to see if there's something in there you should be paying attention to. It may be a verse or a phrase, but reading it will enrich your life.

When's the last time you read Proverbs? Would you consider giving it a try?

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