On Daily Bread

How will you feel if God gives you just enough to get by?

When Jesus teaches his disciples to pray, he teaches them to pray "Give us this day our daily bread." This notion of daily bread appears, at first, like "just enough to get by." God, give us enough to make it through today: enough money, enough support, enough strength.

And, if you look around, you may see evidence of God doing just this.

We have a big conference this weekend (www.sonburst.org). We'll have 500 or so students from around the state of Florida gathered to worship God and learn how to serve him on their campuses and in the world. It's always a struggle to get students from South Florida to the conference. Few students have drivers licenses and even fewer have cars. Every year we scrap and make calls and dig into our own pockets to cobble together scholarships and transportation. And every year it just works out. Just. Just barely.

God gave us enough.

But God did more than that.

And "daily bread" means more than that. Daily bread is more than the minimum. Daily bread is an image of faithfulness. Every day, day in and day out, God gives us bread. We don't need bread every day. We could make it days without a fresh loaf. No, God is generous to us. Abundant.

If you focus on the "just enough" you might miss the "abundant."

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