Sometimes poetry says best what can't really be said

There are some things that can't really be said. You've probably experienced emotions that can't be pinned to a page, or stuff you can see but can't quite describe. Life is too complex, too rich, too painful to be comprehensively captured.

Poetry sits beside us in our silence and offers us her hands and feet. She lets us choreograph a dance for her when we can't express ourselves. Images and metaphors, rhythm and structure ... all these allow us to express ourselves beyond our capacity.

Throughout the Bible, people experiencing strong emotions break out into poetry:
- Adam at his first glance of another human being
- God in his anger over human sin and brokenness
- David in his fear and his joy and his Tuesdays.

When you're struggling to express yourself, consider using poetry. When you have an emotion or an experience that 10,000 words can't capture, try using 7 or 10 or 20. The form of poetry allows you to set aside the pressure to be comprehensive and instead to be true and faithful and honest and real.

How often do you find yourself resorting to poetry?

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