Words can't capture

Jack turned one today.

He's already walking. He chases Will around and loves to go after our phones and our glasses. He likes to have both of his hands full of food. His favorite toy is his stuffed pug "Pup."

How do you even begin to capture a child's growth with words? Snapshots, sure. Growth charts, okay. But words?

Words can't capture the red wisps of hair that fly away beside his ears.
Words can't capture the glow from his eyes.
Words can't capture the hitch-step walk slap and slap slap and slap of his feet on the tile as he makes his way toward you.

Words can't capture a child.

But words also can't capture a father's delight
Or a mother's happiness
Or a family's joy
Over a child.

Words can't capture ... but ... then, maybe that's not what they're meant for.

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