From Religion to Science

I used to be able to heal Will's hurts with strategically applied kisses. When he would stub a knee or bonk an elbow, he'd run to me with tear-filled eyes and ask me to kiss his "boo boo" or his "ouchie." One kiss and everything is better. He had faith and that religion healed him.

But not anymore.

Now, Will wants band-aids. The same knocks that would have sent him running to me for kisses now send him running to me for the application of inexpensive medical devices. The instant the band-aid touches him, he feels better. He trusts medical science.

A lot of people who make the jump from religion to science do it in just this way ... swapping one faith for another. Faith in science may be a great faith. But that doesn't necessarily make it any more true than faith in parental kisses.

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