Gathered for prayer

Tonight, five churches from the South Florida suburbs gathered for Pray South Florida.

It was a rare and beautiful thing.

Churches tend to be a little isolationistic. At best, they just have too much going on to make time to do stuff with other churches. At worst, they're possessive and combative.

But God is doing something special in South Florida. Churches are working together across denominational lines. And they're doing this in meaningful ways.

I noticed this first with the folks over at City Church. They're four different churches from four different denominations who share resources and liturgy.

Then I noticed RENEW South Florida. This is a community of church planters from different denominations who gather regularly to share ideas and support each other in their efforts.

Then The Collective happened. 3 churches. 1 student ministry. My church is a part of this, along with two other church plants. Instead of each of us starting our own youth ministry, we built one together. And it's pretty incredible. [I wrote more about it here: Collective Effort]

Pray South Florida is another step in this direction. Each of these church had the capacity to host a prayer and worship gathering of their own. Heck, at Crossway we do this on our own once or twice a year anyways. But instead we chose to do this together.

What do you think is next?

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