What does Latino loyalty look like?

I have a theory about Latino loyalty.

When Latinos deeply commit, we express this loyalty with a specific flavor of honesty. 

When all's going well, we celebrate and compliment. When there are problems, we don't run away. But we do speak up. We raise objections and ask questions, leaning deeper into relationship. That's how we express loyalty.

Now, this gets tricky in cross-cultural situations. Our expressions of loyalty can sound like disloyalty. 

In some cultural communities, you express loyalty by not asking questions. "I trust you enough that I don't have to ask" the line goes. And this is fine and good. But this isn't what I've experienced in the Latino community or in my own experience as a Latino leader.

Instead of saying "I trust you enough that I don't have to ask," I hear "I trust you enough that I don't have to hold back." That's what Latino loyalty looks like ... at least ... according to my theory.

What do you think?

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