Near-life Experience

People come near to life all of the time.

Speeding down the highway, a truck throws a tire. Swerve. Brake. Screech. A rush of adrenaline. A burst of gratitude, but no one to thank. That's a near-life experience.

Driving across the Everglades. Mile markers zip by. Zip. Zip. Zip. Speed makes the fence between the road and the swamp invisible. A bird looks like he's standing on the water. Alligator island. Sun rays filter through the clouds. Someone made this, but that Someone is unknown. That's a near-life experience.

A conversation takes a turn for the spiritual. Chairs tip forward as sitters lean in. Questions fly back and forth. Answers given. Experiences shared. A simple misstep. Emotional landmine. Argument. Agree to disagree. The chairs rest on all four legs now. That's a near-life experience.

Have you ever had a near-life experience?
Have you ever seen someone have a near-life experience?

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