Right conviction, Wrong character

What happens if you have the right convictions ...
  • convictions that come from God, 
  • convictions about justice and holiness, 
  • convictions that will make the world better
...but don't have the right character?

Stacy Rafferty opened the LaFe13 Conference up tonight teaching out of Exodus 1-2 and helping us to dig into the story of Moses.

Moses was moved by the injustice his people faced daily, laboring as slaves for Pharaoh day in and day out. Moses wanted to do something about it. But Moses lacked the character.

Lacking character doesn't prevent you from acting. But it might prevent your actions from making a difference.

What would happen if everyone who wanted to change the world stepped back and said "God, change me first!"?

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  1. greatt. please expand? whys and hows?