Scraps of verse on marriage and unity

The Christian life is full of mysterious unity. 

Mysteriously, we're united to Christ: 
we live in him, with him and through him 
even though we can't see him

Mysteriously, we're united to fellow Christians:
we belong to each other and are joined to each other
even if we don't know each other and
even if we don't like each other

But perhaps the strangest mystery is the mystery of marriage

United to this person
Body to head
Head to body
One flesh
even if they leave the stove on
even if they leave their clothes on the floor
even if they work late
even if they fall asleep on the couch
even if they hurt us and disappoint us and break our hearts

We long to be married
Or fear to be married

We all receive a call to unity, life in the church and the body of Christ
But some also receive a call to marry
Or think they do

And some suffer under this call: searching and waiting with ill fortune
Or else finding and fighting and flailing and failing and flying

We push the dying embers back and forth across the grate
And watch the fire of love - or life - fade

We push the dying embers back and forth across the grate
Hoping for some spark of love - or life - to glow

And if spark kindles
In life or in memory
With gentle breath we blow
And hope the spirit in us breathes life into our love
For who can long endure a union - any union - without love?

Long we love and love rekindle, again and again
The work of love quickly forgotten when the fire blazes
But the work matters and always returns
For fire untended always fades
even if it's true fire.

Love's work would make a saint tire
Even tied to a love I admire
But for the great joy
She brings I'd employ
All my strength to attend to this fire

There's no shame in working for love
And much joy in it

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