The Ransom Pitch

I noticed something interesting a while back, while working on my sabbatical writing project, a small biblical observation.

In Genesis 6:14, God is about to flood the earth, but he tells Noah to make an ark out of gopher wood and pitch so that they will survive the flood. The word that's used for "pitch" shows up several times throughout the Old Testament. It's the Hebrew word: "kôpher." Pitch is a tar-like substance that's used to bind things together and seal them, keeping water out. But "kôpher"is only used this way once in Scripture. Almost every other time, the word takes on the meaning of "ransom." Leon Morris describes "kôpher" this way: "the sum paid to redeem a forfeited life."

I wonder if God wasn't slipping something into the story of Noah's Ark. Noah and his family and the animals and the ark survive the flood because they are wrapped in "the sum paid to redeem a forfeited life." This reminds me of what Jesus has done for us. He has wrapped himself around us, forfeited his life and rescued us from the flood. Jesus is our ransom pitch.

This was too random to include in the book, but too cool to toss aside.

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