Writing right words

The right words rarely write themselves.
They hide in humble heart and mind
And burrow beneath bottom shelves
On guard against the game unkind

Of poet proud who'd pull them out
And cast them cold with careless aim
From dark to day down deadly route
En masse to men to make a name

For names are needed now by all,
Or wanted, what can we now say,
We lost them like the leaves in Fall
And wander worn through wordless day

But should the strong Word slip unheard
Ashore from sun-drenched storied sea
And ransom writers' work in word
We'll write words rightly, writing free.


In my first few days of writing, I found myself writing quickly and writing a lot of words. But I didn't just want to write a lot of words. I wanted to write the right words.

So, I did this exercise today: to write a poem.

What you read above is what I wrote.

I tried to use a strict structure to force myself to think carefully about the words I was using.

The poem is 4 stanzas with 4 lines each.
The rhyme scheme is ABAB.
Easy so far.

The poem is also written in iambic tetrameter.
An iamb is a unit of poetry, where a short syllable is followed by a long syllable.
Tetrameter means that there four iambs per line.
da DUM / da DUM / da DUM / da DUM
The RIGHT / words RARE / ly WRITE / them SELVES.
They HIDE / in HUM / ble HEART / and MIND
I had a harder time with this.

The poem is also written in alliterative verse.

The long syllables of the first, second and third iambs start with the same sound.
The RRRight / words RRRare / ly wRRRite / them-selves.
They HHHide / in HHHum / ble HHHeart / and mind
This was even harder.

The last thing I tried to do in the poem was to avoid crazy-poetry words.
I had the hardest time with this.

If you ever need a writing exercise, this is a good one.
I had a good time with it.

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