Reflections on a blog rest

So, I took a month or so off from blog-writing. I wanted to slow down, work on my book project and make some major vocational decisions. I'm not sure whether or not I accomplished what I was hoping to accomplish, but I did succeed in taking a break from blogging.

Here are a few things I noticed from my "blog rest" …

I found myself journaling a lot more. I enjoy writing for an audience, even if it's just an audience of my mom, but there are some things that swirl around in my head that I just haven't processed enough to put out there for general consumption.

I felt an unhealthy pull toward my blog in moments when I wanted to vent. I try pretty hard to keep my temper in check, but that check leads to significant passive-aggressive angst. Blogging presents a private-public opportunity to get my thoughts out there. It reflects that tension between wanting to speak up and not wanting to get in trouble for speaking.

My well of ideas started to dry up. I'm 100 times more creative when I'm writing than when I'm not. There's something about writing regularly and on deadlines that sparks the fires of my inner content-generator. That doesn't mean that all the ideas turn out to be worth publishing. But when I'm not publishing, I don't have as many ideas.

I realized that my interests are pretty varied. In the blogosphere, they tell you not to do that. "Focus your writing," they tell you. "Write for a particular audience," they counsel. And they're probably right. Some of you might be interested in the 25 part series I sketched out on community college ministry. Others of you may wonder "why is this happening to my inbox/rss feed?" In reality, I probably have 4 or 5 different blog streams bouncing and fluttering in my head. And, at this point in my life, I guess that's going to have to be okay.

From the outset, this blog has been a tool for me: space for me to process and share things that just don't seem to fit anywhere else, scraps and clipping, bonus material for my life of the mind and in the family and in the ministry.

I'm excited to be writing again. Thanks for your patience with my "blog rest."

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