Two principles I use to decide if I'll let my kids watch a TV show

How do you decide if you're going to let kids watch a particular TV show?

Here are my two principles:

#1 - Don't be a bad influence

Don't teach my kids to whine or lie or complain or settle their problems with violence. Don't show them that parents are stupid or adults are lame. Don't teach them racism is okay. And, whatever you do, don't convince them to run off with a giant, hat-wearing cat.

#2 - Don't make me a bad influence

Don't drive me crazy. Don't get on my nerves. Don't make me roll my eyes (at least not much). Don't make me fast-forward when my kids aren't looking. And don't sing songs that will get stuck in my head. Because if you do, you'll influence my emotional state and put me in a position to where I might hurt my kids hearts with my sarcasm and ears with my singing.

Help me out. What other principles do you use?

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