Book Review: Good News about Injustice

I picked this book up again for a class that I'm teaching at church. I planned to skim it but got pulled all the way back in.

Gary Haugen founded International Justice Mission, an organization dedicated to protecting the poor from violence in the developing world. Gary is an InterVarsity alumnus (read his story here). And his speaking/writing has been very influential.

Good News about Injustice is an introductory book, looking at injustice in the world, God's character (particularly when it comes into question by injustice), and the opportunity for God's people to make a difference. The book is full of stories: some heartwarming and some heartbreaking. And is definitely worth picking up.

On this reading, I found myself walking away still thinking about Haugen's definition of justice: the right exercise of power or authority. To say that God is a God of justice is to say that God cares about how power and authority are used.

He uses his power and authority appropriately. Do we?