Aaron was a disaster

This post is the fifth post in a five-part series on Exodus 1-4.

God eventually gave Moses exactly what he asked for. Moses asked God to send someone else and God sent Aaron, Moses' brother. But God sent Moses too.

Everything that God called Moses to do, Moses ended up doing. Moses went to Pharaoh. Moses spoke to the Israelite elders. Moses performed miracles. God's sending of Aaron didn't actually let Moses off the hook one whit.

But Aaron was a disaster. Every single one of Moses' objections to God's call, the fears behind each of them, came through in Aaron.

Aaron caved in to the people, incapable of leading them in Moses' absence. He helped them worship the golden calf, fueling their confusion about who God actually was. He grumbled against Moses and tried to undermine his leadership. And at the end of his life, he didn't intervene when Moses made the disastrous decision to strike the rock, the decision that kept Moses from entering the Promised Land with the people.

Aaron had wonderful moments throughout the story. But his presence as a co-leader with Moses proved harmful time and time again.

I wonder sometimes whether or not my insecurities will lead me to share leadership with people who aren't ready for it. Or, worse, whether I'm that person, standing by Moses' side at great cost.

One of the big things that God is doing in me in this season is to hammer away at my insecurities: transforming some into true confidence and others into humility and dependence. I hope that as God calls me throughout my life, I'll find that he's given me confidence to receive his call (see Moses) and maturity to handle it well (see Aaron).

In what ways is the Lord growing your confidence and maturity in this season?

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