100,000 Words

I did the math and think I've written over 100,000 words this year.

No, they weren't all (or even mostly) on this blog. I've been so busy writing in other places that I haven't made much time to write here. And, to be honest, I'm feeling totally fine with that.

I've written half a dozen pieces for InterVarsity's national blog, half a dozen pieces for InterVarsity's multiethnic ministries blog, ten letters to our LaFe Staff and volunteers, a few posts here at YoSteve and ... this is where most of the writing has been ... over 250 posts via Chatham Church's Connect Devotional. All that is writing that has shipped, gone live, been posted, made its way out into the world.

Last night I re-read the book chapters that I wrote during my sabbatical back in 2014. If I didn't know I had written them, I would say that those chapters represent some of the best material on ethnicity and the Bible that I've ever read. But they're trapped on my computer. And that's not where words are meant to live.

I think God has been using these past 100,000 words and this year's worth of writing to return me to an emotional and spiritual place where I can confidently put my words out into the world.

I say "confidently," but perhaps that's just how I'm feeling today.

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