We make time

I had a conversation tonight with a parent from the youth group whose daughter wanted to schedule a time to meet up to discuss questions she has about her faith. That parent said she knew how busy December can be for pastors (and she's right!), but still wondered if I could make time.

I'm reminded today of an old adage: we make time for what's important to us.

I made time today to go on a hike with Amy and the kids.
I made time today to pray.
I made time today to make macaroni and cheese.
I made time today to read.
I made time today to do a little work for both of my jobs.
I made time today to write.

What's important to me?

I find myself drifting into that dangerous mental place where I tell myself that I don't have time for what's most important to me ... as if some exterior power sets my schedule absolutamente.

I can't make time for everything. Some things keep continuously getting pushed to the back burner. But that just means they aren't as important to me in that moment.

Someday, perhaps, I won't feel like my schedule is bulging at the seams. I'll have a week or month when I'm bored. But until then I'll make time for what's important to me.

And that means I'm going to make time to get coffee with that student.

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