When all things will be made right

My friend John passed away today. I felt pretty close to him. We took walks around the community college campus here in Pittsboro and talked about our families and our faith. We argued a lot about politics and theology. We disagreed a lot but always knew that our friendship would be secure, strengthened by honest and respectful disagreement.

He had this brilliant critical faculty. He could see problems from a mile away or across a table in a coffee shop. He spoke his mind. And he had great hope that God could bring transform nations, churches, and even people.

I'll miss him. And I believe I'll see him again, when "all things will be made right."

Here's an excerpt from his book, An Account of Hope:
In the end, the driving motivation of faith is not simply a desire to live but to live well, to live at peace with God and self ... Is it better to die young having lived life well before God (and with the hope of a better life) than just simply to live a long life? Faith is more than an expression of hope and trust in God for personal redemption. Although that is certainly part of it, personal redemption alone is too small. Faith is an expression of hope and trust in God for God's vision of life, that all things will be made right, life itself fulfilled.

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