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Want to read a little more of what I've written? Here are links to some of my favorite pieces that aren't posted on YoSteve ...

eBook on Immigration and the Bible
A Biblical Perspective on Immigration

InterVarsity's Multiethnic Ministries Blog
Developing Meaningful Relationships with the Urban Poor Fuels Multiethnic Ministry
How to Help Multiracial People Grow in Their Ethnic Identity
A Quick and Dirty Theological Rationale for Ethnic Specific Ministry
One Surprising Reason We Value Ethnic Specific Ministry

Latino Cultural Intelligence: Personalismo
Connecting with Parents and Families
How to Create Your Own Proxe Outreach
5 Reasons You Need to Consider Involving Churches in Your Planting Ministry

The Connect Devotional from Chatham Community Church
Past posts from the devotional
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InterVarsity's National Blog
3 Latino Lessons on Racial Reconciliation
Persevering in Reconciliation in the Face of Racism
Cross Ethnic Advocacy and Racial Progress in America
How to Help Friends Who are Hurting
Mourning Over Time
Reading the Bible with a Diverse Community

InterVarsity's Collegiate Ministries Blog
The Trinitarian Dance

First Meetings (a collection of Bible Studies for mentors of Latino students)
Purchase a discounted, hard copy
Download the free eBook

Current projects
The Discovery of the Ring - A NaNoWriMo challenge from last year; fiction written on the fly; a young adult story about family, identity, and an alternate universe.

Ethnicity Everywhere - Character studies that reveal some of what the Bible has to say about ethnicity and how that applies to our identity, communities and mission.

Barbaro - An immigration story woven together with a spy thriller; a project I'm working on with my father to give us space to explore our family's complicated history.

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